How Apple Is Quietly Changing

How Apple Is Quietly Changing?

So yeah, as the name suggests, Apple is changing. You guys must be thinking like, aha, Wait a minute, Is Apple’s brand name changing? How’s this happening? 

Well, wait, wait, wait, don’t go any further. No Apple Brand name is going nowhere; by Apple is changing, we mean Apple is changing its approach towards the people, towards its customers, and with the changing time’s Apple is changing!! Apple has a reputation of being different, something like a top-secret organization doing their own thing, making phones for their hefty and loyal customers, with few to no tweets announcing their smartphones; rather, their competitors remain pretty active on social media dropping hints within every 1-2 days. All this is changing; Apple is not what it used to be now. Let me put across a few examples to back this claim.

1. There Is Now A Phone For Everyone

Ever since Apple started making smartphones, they have been making exclusive 1-2 smartphones per year for selective customers. Both great phones for great quality and Expensive. However, with the changing times, Apple has realized it, and now they have come up with a new tag line, “A phone for everyone.”


See, now they have a full line up ranging from $399 to $999; every income group can have at least one iPhone. Apple released 5 iPhones this year, ranging from $399 to $1099, from the smallest screen to the biggest one. Don’t Apple use to make smartphones only for the elite class? No way, this has changed.

2. Ultra Expensive?

With every year passing by, premium smartphones are getting expensive; let’s take the example of Samsung Galaxy. S10 was launched at a pricing of $899, and S20 was launched at $999. Apple’s expensive iPhone 12 pro max was launched at $1099, but it was outpriced by Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 ultra, launched at $1299; Huawei’s P40 Pro also outpriced iPhone. Actually, the average price of a smartphone is falling; in 2018, it was $950; in 2019, it was $933, and in 2020, it is $800. Even the best budget smartphone of the year, any guesses? It’s Apple iPhone SE, hmm, isn’t it changing? You decide.

3. Comparisons

Earlier, when Apple launched its smartphone, they tend to compare it with their own old smartphone. Like the speed of this new chip, this much faster than the older one with a graph to back this data. However, now Apple doesn’t do this, let’s take the example of the A14 Bionic Chip. They said that it is 50% faster than any other smartphone chip.


When they launched iPhone 12 and briefed about its camera, they said it takes the highest quality video of smartphones, not just better than their previous smartphone. When they launched their MacBooks with an M1 chip, they just said it’s the best in class, better than any other latest PC laptop chip, and they backed it up with a graph. Apple is competing!!


4. Social Media

Twitter, Youtube, and other social media don’t really matter too much for Apple; fundamentally, they didn’t. They never used to make announcements on Twitter; they never used to tweet anything. They use to upload their special events and keynotes only with tags like Apple. Still, now they are making inroads more engaging with social media influencers, more tweets, even their tags in YouTube videos don’t only contain Apple rather proper name, camera, 4k and many more to have more views than earlier. Now they upload more videos on YouTube. They now start their own apple theme hashtag on Twitter to boost engagement.

5. Not Only One Event

Apple’s changing policy can be clearly seen with its more and more announcements. Earlier, there used to be 1 announcement every 3 months; now, they have 3 announcements in 3 months. First, with Hi-speed Event with iPhone launch, Time flies event for apple watch and IPad and last One more event for MacBooks. With back to back events, Apple created a bubble wherein all the tech world talk revolved around Apple, that chain that was created literally took the tech world by surprise. Apple wanted the coverage, and they got it because there was only one talk in the market, yeah, only Apple’s.

These examples, I guess, show how Apple is changing its policy, making inroads, and making progress to keep up with the competition because Apple wants new customers. Apple is rolling out its services to get the customers into its ecosystem and with Apple watch and home pod. If an Apple user has all these products, there is literally hardly any chance he’ll shift from apple. So it’s time for you to decide whether Apple is changing or it’s just a myth?

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